Where to Use Professional Headshots

Your own personal headshot should be used on every webpage that involves you. Photo continuity with social media pages, website, email, and print materials builds rapport, trust and facial recognition. The more an individual sees your photo, the more connected they will feel towards you – even if you have never had a personal conversation with them.

Your headshot can, and should, be included on the following:

  • Website About and Bio Pages
  • Email Signatures
  • Social Media Profiles
      • LinkedIn
      • Facebook
      • Twitter
      • Instagram
  • Online Communities & Forums
  • Blog Post Author Avatar
  • Blog Comments Avatar
  • News articles
  • Presentations & Proposals
  • Business Cards
  • Letterhead
  • Brochures & Postcards

 Any time information is listed about you or you have the opportunity to interact with someone online, your headshot should be present.

Get Your Photos Professionally Done

Don’t assume you can create quality headshots with your standard point and shoot camera or phone. The photos they produce will not be high quality or versatile for your needs. Spend a little extra to hire a professional photographer who is an expert in lighting, color, camera settings, poses, and post-production. The photos professionals capture are going to be the highest quality and your headshots will have a longer shelf life.

Pick the Right Outfit

Headshots show how you look at your best, so dress professionally. Dress as if you are meeting a client or important investor for the first time, the goal is to make a great first impression. When choosing colors to wear, pick colors that match or compliment the colors of your brand – when colors are matching or compliment each other they will always be more attractive to the eye. Avoid wearing patterns or jewelry that are too busy or distract from your face.

Make sure all team members are being consistent in wearing the same style of clothing. If everyone is in suits and one guy is casual it can throw off the whole vibe when seen together.

Choose A Good Background

The headshot photo background can have a dramatic effect on the impression your photos make. Generally speaking, you don’t want a background that will draw attention away from you. The five most popular backgrounds we use are white, studio blue, fashion grey, green and black.

Be Yourself

A headshot is not only a reflection of what you look like but also shows your personality. Don’t be afraid to smile or look directly at the camera.

Showcasing yourself in the best manner is important for acquiring new clients, partners, or team members. It all starts with how you choose to promote your own personal image. Having old photos or no photos at all, shows that you’re uninterested in going the extra mile to make your business look good – the result, your company becomes unapproachable.

KJRstudio's Final Thought:

I’ve seen my share of corporate photo spreads in my 25 years as a corporate communicator and as a professional photographer, and I can always tell when an organization has taken the time to think about their corporate brand in their leadership headshots. Creating and maintaining a consistent brand plays a critical role in the success or failure of any organization’s brand strategy. But it’s not just about brand colors and logo. A key element of a company’s brand is portraying a consistent and intentional persona in the leadership’s headshots. After all, they are the company.


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