Bad headshot keeping you down? Tips for a whole new you....!

October 05, 2015

Why invest in having professional headshots:

•    Deemed more professional by clients.
•    Attract better quality clients.
•    Raise your brand online.
•    Consistency is key – people will recognize you, and this builds trust.
•    Puts a professional face to a name.
•    Communication is no longer just about words, people buy people.
•    Your headshot is your personal logo.
•    Your headshot is your key to more business.
•    People often buy on looks, don’t kid yourself otherwise!
•    Subliminal messaging – make sure you look your best.

As you can see in the 10 reasons above, a bad headshot will:

•    Lose potential business.
•    Give the wrong impression.
•    Make you look unprofessional.
•    Will turn people away from buying from you, they may go to your competition.

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