Headshots - Do I really need one? and...how often? Kevin Richter Photography Cleveland Ohio

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Headshots are, without a doubt, the single most impactful element of your professional bio.

I'll say it again....and listen carefully.....

Headshots are, without a doubt, the single most impactful element of your professional bio.

Why? Because images invoke a quick and powerful emotional response
in a way written words can't.

People do look at who they hire by the image they portray.

Seriously consider your current representation photograph of you.

If you never gave it much thought, you should!

On your website, Linkedin, business card....... it matters.

So.....what makes a great headshot?

To sum it all up, it's PERSONALITY!

Personality.....the art of being you!

You need to give casting directors and clients an accurate version of yourself.

Don't over do it!, but you do want the shot that "Pops!"

It is very important to choose a headshot photographer who demonstrates the skills and talent to deliver a great headshot.

Only you can bring your personality to the shoot, but a great headshot photographer can help spot it, capture it, and

be sure it comes through in the final result.

You should get a new headshot whenever your appearance changes substantially.

It's important that your headshot looks like you on a great day. If you change hairstyles, gain or lose weight, or feel you're looking more mature, it is probably time to update your headshot.

Be aware that due to the recent improvements and availability of inexpensive digital photography equipment, there are a lot more people offering photography services that are not really up to professional standards. Do your research.

The camera is one component, the lighting is the other.

Often times the final shot will depend on how it was lit.

Unbrellas with a full lighting complement...or a flash on top of the camera.....

There is cost involved, and there are some really great photographers with affordable prices.

Don't skimp...This is you!

Get a clear understanding of what's included.

Pricing... I've seen everything from free to thousands of dollars. It depends on you.

Consider what it might cost to rent a few thousand dollars worth of equiptment....an operator...and a tech...to run everything.

Better yet, think of the last time you called a plummer....lol!!!

Do your homework. Figure out what you need, when you need it, and how quicky you need it.

The final decision should be to use a professional, you deserve it...

One suggestion for any business is uniformity.

Do you allow members of the management team submit thier own photos?

Most corporations I've worked with prefer a standard background that may match company colors.

Another factor is how transparent is the process of shooting 10-20 headshots during a session.

A well planned photo session on location is the way to go.

Kevin Richter Photography in Cleveland Ohio specializes in quality sessions with a smooth, transparent workflow.

We go the extra mile!

Cleveland & Metro

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