LiknedIn Head-Shots Think about it!

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LinkedIn is the most widely used website for contacting and building your professional network. When you register on LinkedIn your profile consists of two important elements, the information for your work history and your picture.

However, more people see your picture than your actual resume because that is first thing the eye sees when scrolling through potential connections.

This means that if you haven’t considered your picture as a vital piece to your LinkedIn profile than you haven’t accurately assessed the importance of one. With more than 225 million users in more than 200 countries and territories, it’s never been more important to your visibility to have a quality head-shot for LinkedIn.

We can come to you with our mobile photography setup and can shoot your head-shot indoors or outdoors.

Don’t take your LinkedIn head-shot with your iPhone.

You have invested in your self and your work history shows it, but not investing a quality profile photo could be holding you back from getting that job or making that connection. Invest in your profile head-shot and see the difference it can make on LinkedIn.

Have you ever seen a bad photo on a dating site? We all have, dating or not, they are brought to our attention because the are sometimes so-terrible.... we think, "why would anyone publish that?".

New customers and clients choose to do business with those they trust, share the same idea's and who they can rely on.

A substandard profile picture does exactly the opposite of what you want to convey.

My clients have included comics who are just taking the stage, to millionaires, who's insight have created thousands of jobs.

The difference..... none. They all expect their an image to spread the message of what they are about. Professionalism.

Farmer or Tech! you want to promote your business.

So what does it take and how much?

Not as expensive as you think. I always try to price the job within your budget.

Group rates are the best way to go. A portfolio even at hundred bucks is a small investment, considering you could land thousands.

Who wants to go on a date with a blurry photo, Who wants to do business with the same?

Time to make a small investment in yourself for a change.

You buy a suit, shoes etc.... Look Great at the same time with a nice, professionally done, Head-shot!

I am a super small Cleveland Business, who has had the Luxury of shooting some of the best!

I'm expanding, with the same principals of creating the best head-shots in Cleveland, Ohio.

I thank all our customers, now friends, for their support and generosity in choosing us.

We are still the small, "you get what you want", and "we will change anything to your liking" photo experience.

We don't charge extra fee's because the price is set, royalty free, we want to do the best job possible.

No matter how big - or small, I want to be your photographer...always!

(or at least give me a call for your special situations!)

Always grateful, for the opportunity to discuss what you need!

Kevin J. Richter

440 454 1172






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