Goal number one : Have a Professional Headshot!

October 19, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

Clean polished professional looking business headshots:

We believe in doing things right. We believe that by using the proper body language, color choices and facial expression, we can craft business headshots that will better connect you to your clients. We believe that better headshots will get you better clients.

Welcome to stress-free headshots:

Listening to our clients, we've learned that most people rather not get in front of a camera and sometimes feel a little stressed about being photographed. We guide you through the process step-by-step. You'll know exactly why we ask you to stand this way and hold your head that way. By keeping you in the loop and making you part of the process we can make your session dramatically less stressful. We do this a lot and have it down to a science.

The science behind your headshot:

And speaking of science ... do you know how a potential client will perceive you if you hold your chin just slightly too high? Or turn your body a little too far away from the camera? We do. We've done our homework about just how quickly a first impression is formed and what personality traits a particular expression will convey.  It's really all about body language and we'll guide you right through it.

Your headshot is your personal brand.

Anything in your appearance impacts the impression you make on potential clients. Together with you we analyze this and work with you to find out exactly how you need to come across.  At the end of the day, the only thing that matters is that your potential clients like the values you represent and, based on what they see, connect with you. An executive business headshot, like any other commercial photo, has a purpose. It is a sales document. It's selling something. It's selling you to your next client and we'll help you get the message right.

So, how should your headshot look?

We usually start with 3 adjectives: professional, approachable and confident. All great executive business headshots have at least these in common. Parts of this are in your control. Looking professional comes, usually, from your choice of wardrobe and the care you put into your appearance. Approachability and confidence are conveyed by your stance and facial expression. We work with you to fine-tune these details. You'll be the judge, but we'll help.



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